DC Studios unveils 10 Exciting Films and TV Shows Projects with “Superman: Legacy” by James Gunn taking the Center Stage with theatrical release set for July 11, 2025. “The Batman – Part II” from Matt Reeves to release in October 2025.

DC Studios Co-Chairmen and CEOs, James Gunn and Peter Safran, announced their first 10 film and television projects under the new DC banner. As they design and implement a long-term interconnected story for the franchise and characters, they reveal “Chapter 1” of “Gods and Monsters” – five new films and five TV series for HBO Max already in development.

“We’re thrilled to share the first 10 stories fans can expect from the unified DC Universe,” says Safran. “Chapter 1 emphasizes love, compassion, and the goodness of the human spirit to minimize confusion and maximize engagement across platforms.”

Gunn and Safran kicked off the announcement with the first film, “Superman: Legacy,” written by Gunn and set for a global theatrical release on July 11, 2025. “Superman is an iconic part of DC lore and a favorite character for fans worldwide,” says Gunn. “I can’t wait to introduce our version of Superman who audiences will follow across films, movies, animation, and gaming.”

Filmmaker James Gunn and Producer Extraordinaire Peter Safran | DC Films and TV Shows | kaz.ng | KazMPIRE Movies
Filmmaker James Gunn and Producer Extraordinaire Peter Safran | DC Movies and TV Shows | kaz.ng | KazMPIRE Movies

While all ten of the below projects are in active development, some are further along than others and both Gunn and Safran emphasize that things may shift around. The upcoming slate of projects includes:

Film Projects for DC Studios

Superman: Legacy (July 11, 2025)

DC Studios' Superman: Legacy | DC Films and TV Shows | kaz.ng | KazMPIRE Movies
DC Studios’ Superman: Legacy | DC Movies and TV Shows | kaz.ng | KazMPIRE Movies

DCU is finally launching! The first two projects are just a taste of what’s to come with Superman: Legacy. James is working hard on writing it and hoping he’ll also direct it. This story won’t be an origin story but rather a portrayal of Superman’s journey as he balances his Kryptonian heritage with his human upbringing. Superman symbolizes trutha and justice. He embodies kindness in a world that considers it outdated.

The goal is to move away from the typical good guy vs. bad guy trope. There are truly good, almost saintly people in the world, including Superman, and then there are evil villains like Gorilla Grodd or the Joker. However, there are also many people in between who exist in shades of gray, which also comes with the opportunity to tell intricate stories.

The release date for this project has been set for July 11, 2025!

The Authority (DC Films Shows)

DC Studios' The Authority | DC Films and TV Shows | kaz.ng | KazMPIRE Movies
DC Studios’ The Authority | DC Movies and TV Shows | kaz.ng | KazMPIRE Movies

“The Authority” – WildStorm characters join the DCU as members of The Authority take action.

The Brave and the Bold (DC FIlm Shows)

DC Studios' Batman: The Brave and The Bold | DC Films and TV Shows | kaz.ng | KazMPIRE Movies
DC Studios’ Batman: The Brave and The Bold | DC Movies and TV Shows

Introducing the DCU’s Batman – not Robert Pattinson nor Ben Affleck. Collaboration is ongoing with Robert on ‘The Batman – Part II’ with Matt Reeves. Ben Affleck, who has been an integral part of DC Studios’ team, also wants to direct one of their projects. I am eagerly awaiting this opportunity.

The story focuses on Damian Wayne, Batman’s actual son who he was unaware of for the first 10 years of his life. Raised as a young assassin and murderer, Damian is fan favorite Robin and is based on Grant Morrison’s iconic comic run. DC Studios are bringing all these elements together to bring this exciting new chapter to life.

In addition, this film will feature other members of the extended Bat-Family. They have been overlooked in recent Batman movie adaptations and it is time to give them the recognition they deserve.

Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow (DC FIlm Shows)

DC Studios' Supergirl: The Woman of Tomorrow | DC Films and TV Shows | kaz.ng | KazMPIRE Movies
DC Studios’ Supergirl: The Woman of Tomorrow

Tom King’s comic is the basis for this project. As one of the writers in the room, Tom has played a major role in shaping the story. He offers a unique spin on the characters and is loved for it.

In the story, Superman was sent to Earth and raised by loving parents, while Supergirl, Kara, spent the first 14 years of her life on a piece of Krypton that drifted away. She lived through a traumatic experience where she witnessed the death of those around her, making her a more jaded and troubled version of Supergirl than what’s typically portrayed.

Swamp Thing (DC TV Shows)

DC Studios' Swamp Thing | DC Films and TV Shows | kaz.ng | KazMPIRE Movies
DC Studios’ Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing is the final film of chapter 1: Gods and Monsters. It’s crucial to note that while these films are interconnected, they vary in tone. Each team of filmmakers brings a unique aesthetic, making it exciting to see how these tonally distinct works will merge in the future. The dark origins of Swamp Thing will be explored in this film.

In addition to Swamp Thing, DC Stuidos’ team are working on several other projects, but for various reasons, they can’t reveal them yet. This is just the first set of announcements, but there may be a few more surprises in store soon.

TV Shows for HBO Max

Creature Commandos (DC TV Shows)

DC Studios' Creature Commandos | DC Films and TV Shows | kaz.ng | KazMPIRE Movies
DC Studios’ Creature Commandos

Creature Commandos, an animated TV series, is the first project James Gunn is working on. The series is based on a team from DC Comics and is part of the DCU (DC Universe), which ties animation directly to live action across TV, movies, and games. Gunn has written all seven episodes of the show and casting actors to play the characters in this, as well as in other projects, is underway.

The artwork depicts the team members, starting from left to right: Rick Flag, Sr., Nina Mazursky, Doctor Phosphorus, Eric Frankenstein, The Bride of Frankenstein (the lead), G.I. Robot, and Weasel. Flag is set to appear in other projects within the DCU.

The show is currently in production and is poised to bring a unique, interwoven experience for fans of the DC Universe.

Waller (DC TV Shows)

DC Studios' Amanda Waller | DC Films and TV Shows | kaz.ng | KazMPIRE Movies
DC Studios’ Amanda Waller

Viola Davis returns as Amanda Waller in the upcoming series, with the Peacemaker team joining as regulars. The show is a continuation of Peacemaker and features two talented creatives, Christal Henry (a writer from Watchmen) and Jeremy Carver (creator of Doom Patrol), who have crafted an amazing story.

The series will occupy the space between seasons one and two of Peacemaker.

Booster Gold (DC TV Shows)

DC Studios’ Booster Gold

A fan-favorite, this story follows a loser from the future who uses his advanced technology to pose as a superhero. It’s a tale of imposter syndrome, exploring how the protagonist seeks acceptance through his guise. At the heart of it all is a character study that delves into the motivations behind his actions. This show promises to be unique and we’re currently in talks with an actor to bring it to life.

Lanterns: John Stewart and Hal Jordan (DC TV Shows)

DC Studios' Lanterns: John Stewart and Hal Jordans | DC Films and TV Shows | kaz.ng | KazMPIRE Movies
DC Studios’ Lanterns: John Stewart and Hal Jordans

Our next project is a television series titled “Lanterns,” featuring two beloved Green Lanterns, Hal Jordan and John Stewart. It will air on HBO Max, like all our other series. This mystery series, with a True Detective vibe, follows the two Lanterns as they investigate a terrestrial-based mystery that leads into the overall story spanning across movies and television shows.

The ancient horror on Earth requires the skills of supercops Hal and John, making them the protectors of “Precinct Earth.” The story will seamlessly switch between the films and television shows, just like in “Peacemaker,” to build the bigger narrative.

Paradise Lost (DC TV Shows)

DC Studios' Wonder Woman: Paradise Lost | DC Films and TV Shows | kaz.ng | KazMPIRE Movies
DC Studios’ Wonder Woman

Discover the darkness, drama, and political intrigue behind the all-female society of Themyscira/Paradise Island, home of the Amazons and birthplace of Wonder Woman. Explore the origin story of this society, delving into its politics, rules, leaders, and power struggles. This Game of Thrones-inspired tale takes place before Diana’s birth. Get ready for an exciting journey into the past.