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The actor who portrays Thing on Netflix’s Wednesday, Victor Dorobantu, brings viewers behind-the-scenes to detail how the beloved limb character was created.

Director Tim Burton wanted an actor or performer to play Thing, according to Tom Turnbull, the Wednesday’s VFX Supervisor, in a video that was uploaded to the Still Watching Netflix YouTube channel.

Turnbull stated, “We set out to find us an actor who could perform the character.” “Someone who had the right hands and agile fingers could accomplish all of these movements,” said the performer. Additionally, they needed to be flexible and young enough to fit in uncomfortable situations. Dorobantu, who began his career as a magician, was chosen for the position by the squad.

Since Charles Addams conceived the character in the 1930s, Thing has been a mainstay in the Addams Family, appearing in a number of subsequent Addams Family series and spinoffs.

Dorobantu stated, “It’s pretty hard to produce from beginning to conclusion. Even with the way he speaks, it’s challenging to discover gestures that convey emotion.

Turnbull noted that Jenna Ortega, who performs on Wednesday, instantly felt at ease conversing with a hand. It wasn’t at all challenging, the actress admitted. “It was more challenging if I had to communicate with him and pretend he was present while holding nothing,” she said.

Victor Dorobantu playing Thing on the set of ‘Wednesday’ Credit: NETFLIX

The difficulties arose later, when they had to remove Dorobantu’s entire body from sequences, save for his hand. Turnbull stated that in order to make it work, some scenes will require CGI or set modifications.

The VFX supervisor continued, “Well, you’ve got a hand on set, and he’s acting.” The typical response when discussing a paint-out in visual effects is, “Oh yes, a paint-out is easy. However, it is actually quite difficult to paint out 90% of the person who is controlling the shot while keeping the remaining 10% of the hand. As a result, a lot goes into doing it.

Since its introduction, Wednesday has acquired a sizable following on social media and the streamer.

The comedy-mystery was the first English-language program on Netflix to surpass 400 million viewing hours in a week. With 752.52 million hours viewed, Wednesday ranked No. 3 in the streamer’s all-time list of English-language series after only 12 days of release.

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